Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweet Mandolin

A few weeks ago, CSN stores sent me this little baby to play with.
Jaccard Safe Hands Mandolin in ABS - 200421

It's a Mandolin... and is supposed to slice veggies easily and uniformly. I was excited to see a tomato blade. I tried it out recently for a cookout we had recently. I took these beautiful tomatoes....

and made them into this...

NOT GOOD! In fact here is what I did by hand...

Ahhh! That's better.

It worked better with the onions...

But the real reason I was excited to try this mandolin was to use it to slice sweet potatoes for a sweet potato bake my friend gave me the recipe for a year ago. Who wants to slice sweet potatoes?

I'm not sure if it was user error, but I found it extremely difficult to slice the potatoes. I guess I was expecting raw potatoes to suddenly be easy to slice with the newfangled device.

It wasn't. However, it took a lot less time to get this pile of sliced sweet potatoes than it would've taken me to do by hand. And the sweet potato bake was delish so for now it works.

The end of the story on my mandolin experience is that it works well with the right foods - can't be too firm and can't be too mushy.... it has to be a soft yet firm food.... like a cucumber!

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